Kettering LEADERS is an endowment established by young Kettering alumni to promote leadership development and foster personal growth.  We seek high performing individuals that have demonstrated a capacity for excellence.

The mission of the Kettering University LEADERS Endowment is to support and develop the leadership potential and integrity of the students of Kettering University, to provide for the perpetuation of innovative leadership skills within and outside Kettering University, and to insure the continued reputation of Kettering University as a school of leaders.

The LEADERS endowment provides a number of resources to students that are selected as LEADERS Fellows including:

  1. Attendance at the LEADERSHAPE Institute. http://www.leadershape.org/home.aspx
  2. Participation at Deese Weekend, the annual LEADERS Conference.
  3. Personal mentoring from top notch Kettering Alumni such as: Harvard MBAs, Employees at Fortune 500 Companies, and Carnegie Mellon PhD’s

Benefactors receive the benefits of interaction and information from top Kettering University officials, networking with fellow benefactors and Kettering alumni throughout the world, mentoring driven students, and the opportunity to meet annually with LEADERS members.

Deese Weekend 2014